Kylie Jenner reveals the secrets behind her beauty regime

That perfect pout comes at a price! It will cost you upwards of $3,500 to replicate her routine

Originally posted on DailyMail.

  • The 18-year-old reality star dished on her various products and stylists in a new article for New York Times
  • While her favorite beauty products are not outrageously priced, the costs for her look leap into the thousands thanks to her extensions and fillers

Kylie Jenner's ever-changing look is one of the most analyzed in Hollywood today, and now she's revealing all that goes into it.

Through an article in the New York Times, the 18-year-old has revealed her entire beauty regime in detail, from the tips of her ever-changing tresses down to her expertly-pedicured toenails. And it seems all that pampering comes at quite a hefty price, an estimated $3,560 for all the products and treatments the reality star likes to use.

It's all in preparation for Kylie's upcoming beauty advice website - due to launch this fall - that will reveal to fans just how she achieves the looks that have gained her over 3.3 million followers on Instagram.

All revealed: Kylie Jenner has detailed her entire beauty routine in a new article for New York Times

Christie Kidd, PA-C

Sister's choice: Both Kylie and Kendall are fans of their family dermatologist Christie Kidd's own-brand face wash

Starting with skincare, Kylie names Christie Kidd, the family dermatologist, in Beverly Hills, as the force behind her glowing complexion.

'My sister Kendall had really bad acne when she was younger, and she really cleared it up,' said Kylie of Dr. Kidd.

The doctor has her own brand of face wash, which Kylie swears by, and is only available from her office at an unknown price.

However, most of Kylie's favorites can be much more easily found, including the TiZO3 tinted sunscreen, which runs at $53.99 a tube.

For moisturizer, Kylie's pick is the all-natural Mimosa Blossom Dream Cream which the teenager credits with keeping her dry, irritable skin calm and, at $11.95 for 6oz, is incredibly budget-friendly.

The undercoat: Kylie wears a $53.99-per-tube sunscreen from TiZO3 (L), but boasts a budget buy with her favorite moisturizer, Mimosa Blossom Dream Cream, priced at just $11.95 (R)

Simple: To take off her make-up at night, Kylie uses Neutrogena wipes that are available at any CVS for just $6.99

Really? Despite being 18 years old, Kylie already has a favorite eye treatment cream from Kiehl's, priced at $47 per jar

And while the thought of an 18-year-old feeling she needs to use eye cream is a tad mind-boggling, Kylie knows what she likes, and that's Kiehl’s avocado eye treatment, priced at $47 a jar.

To take off her make-up before bed, Kylie goes for something a little bit more age-appropriate, in the form of the Neutrogena make-up remover wipes, which you can pick up at any CVS for just $6.99.

As for face masks - Kylie's love of which was showed off in a recent Snapchat - the teenager loves to play around Sephora's wide selection, including the honey and green tea varieties - at $6 each.

After taking care of her skin, Kylie has a myriad of make-up products to apply - though she is quick to add that these are not necessarily the products used to complete the dramatic cosmetic transformations that she has become best known for, particularly on her Instagram account, as those are often the final results of work done by professional artists.

Under then over: Kylie loves to play with various face masks available for $6 at Sephora (L) and puts on her first touch of make-up with Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder foundation (R, $45)

Blush of color: Kylie's go-to blush comes from brand Nars in color Orgasm for $30

Keeping it Kardashian: Kylie champions the use of a $40 contour kit (L) and the Kardashian-brand bronzer (R), which is relatively cheap, at just $14.99

Lash it up: Kylie claims to use many different brands of false lashes but touted the $8.99 3D 'Miami' style Lilly Lashes as her favorite

'If I’m going to see people, I won’t wear heavy make-up,' she says. 'It’s not attractive on me.'

But that still hasn't stopped her from amassing quite the collection. For foundation, she picks Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder foundation ($45) topped with Nars Orgasm blush ($30).

For her famous dramatic eye look, Kylie is a fervent fan of falsies, and wears many different varieties. Her current favorite? 3D 'Miami' style Lilly Lashes, priced at $8.99 a pair. She also champions Lancôme Hypnôse Drama mascara, which costs a cool $27.50.

And what would a Kardashian clan member's beauty regime be without some contouring? The Anastasia Beverly Hills $40 contouring kit is Kylie's go-to and she also loves the pink-toned concealer priced at $20 and the $28 gold illuminator from the brand, which was founded by the same woman who does Kylie's eyebrows.

Keeping it in the family, Kylie goes for Kardashian brand bronzer ($14.99), saying: 'I use it in the hollow of my cheekbones, the sides of my head, my nose and under my chin.'

Bobbi Brown's pale yellow powder ($38) helps complement Kylie's spray tan and cancels out any pesky redness.

Just a tint: The reality star likes to use the pale yellow Bobbi Brown brand powder ($38) to neutralize redness and complement her tan

More and more: To add to the eye drama, Kylie opts for Lancôme Hypnôse Drama mascara (L) for $27.50 and to give an all-over tan and airbrushed look she like Sally Hansen legs spray (R) for $11.79

For the locks: Kylie uses Moroccanoil shampoo and conditioner, which are priced between $23 and $25 each, every other day to help heal her dye-battered tresses

Endorsement: Kylie recently posted on Instagram about her love of Pure Leef 'butt enhancement cream and breast plumping lotion'

For Kylie's famously-enhanced pout, she brushes of lipsticks in favor of lip liners.

While in this article she doesn't pick out a specific brand - likely because she is in the middle of creating her own lip kit - her use of MAC's Spice lip liner ($16.50), caused fans to clean stores out of them earlier this year.

The only products Kylie seems to skimp on is perfume, saying: 'Fragrances can give me a bit of a headache.'

However, if she does give herself a spritz or two, it comes from Victoria's Secret in the form of the $14 Coconut Passion Fragrance Mist.

In true Jenner style, the beauty regime certainly doesn't stop at the face. Kylie loves to touch up all over for a one-night tan with Sally Hansen legs spray ($11.79), and has previously endorsed the use of the $47 'butt enhancement cream and breast plumping lotion' by Pure Leef to accentuate her curves.

As for those ever-changing tresses, Kylie washes with Moroccanoil shampoo and conditioner, which are priced between $23 and $25, every other day and also revealed to the publication that she her naturally reddish-brown hair had been severely damaged from constant dye jobs and she had even shaved half of it off last year.

The cut and color: Priscilla Valles (L) is Kylie's go-to girl for haircuts and extensions, while Daniel Moon (R) has previously taken on Kylie's color

The man behind the pout: Dr. Simon Ourian was praised by Kylie for his skilled and 'natural' lip injections

Transformed: Kylie's lip injections have entirely changed her look (left in 2011, right 2015)

Probably the most surprising thing about Kylie's list of products is how the whole regime doesn't necessarily break the bank at $515.70 plus the unspecified cost of the Christie Kidd face wash.

However, as Refinery29 notes, it's the services not included in this price list that really wrack up the dollars in Kylie's regime, as she is regularly coiffed and airbrushed by the best in the business.

For example, Priscilla Valles - whose rate runs from $500 to $3,500 on its own - is Kylie's go-to girl for a haircut and extensions, and she has previously been dyed by Nicole's Ritchie's colorist Daniel Moon, who costs $125 just for a base color.

Her eyebrows have previously been done by the aforementioned Anastasia Soare for $120 for the initial appointment and $100 thereafter.

Manicurist to the stars Kimmie Kyees handles Kylie's claws and though her prices range all the way up to a $5,000 for the gold-plated mani she gave Rihanna at the Grammy's, specialty nails usually cost upwards of $150.

Kylie also favors a nice spray tan by Jimmy Coco, and those cost $350 a go. And, of course, who could forget Kylie's now-legendary Juvederm lip injections, which she gets from Dr. Simon Ourian in Beverly Hills and usually cost around $725.

So, given that a full head of extensions with added length is about $1,600 to $4,000, even going for the lowest end of the prices that we know, Kylie's entire regime comes to around $3,560 - and in reality is likely to cost a whole lot more.