With the highly anticipated online release of her signature skin care product line, Perfect Skin by Christie Kidd™, the most sought-after skin care guru in Beverly Hills is bringing her dedication to perfect skin home to you.

Based in Beverly Hills and known for her passion and meticulous approach to skin care, Christie Kidd, PA-C is the skin care authority responsible for so many of Hollywood’s flawless faces. Researched, formulated and developed by Christie herself, Perfect Skin by Christie Kidd™, is the simple, gentle and effective skin care routine that celebrities choose for clear, healthy, glowing and beautiful skin. Welcome to a refreshing new era of luxury skin care.

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Uncompromising Dedication, Incomparable Results. Perfect Skin by Christie Kidd™
Your skin care routine doesn’t need to consist of a bevy of expensive products and complicated routines to work. In fact, quite the opposite is true. Complicated skin care routines are not only unnecessary, they are unsustainable. Perfect Skin by Christie Kidd™, was specifically created to be easy to use and effective so that users can maintain their skin care routine long term. The result? Healthy, radiant and glowing skin for years to come.
Step 1
Christie Kidd clean natural face cleanser for acne

A gentle, all natural face wash to deeply cleanse your skin. Reduces oil, bacteria, blemishes and redness without overdrying.

Natural oils and plant extracts gently remove oil and impurities to reveal fresh, dewy skin.

Melaleuca Tea Tree Oil · Lavender Oil · Olive Leaf Extract
Step 2
Christie Kidd acne face pads

This power-packed pad will fight to keep your pores tight and keep blemishes away!

Non-irritating, exfoliating pads wipe away dead skin cells and blemish-causing bacteria.

Witch Hazel · Willow Bark Extract · Ginger Root Extract
Step 3
Renewal Serum

This proprietary blend of ingredients is the perfect solution to glowing skin! It is used for anti-aging, blemish drying and scar reducing.

Hyaluronic acid and retinol work in synchronicity to firm skin and provide instant hydration and lasting results.

Vitamin C · Kojic Acid · Glycolic Acid
Talk of the Town

Straight from the mouths of babes. Hear everything that Christie’s clients have to say about their in-office procedures and product experiences. From teens to Hollywood’s biggest stars to grandmothers on the go, there is one thing they all have in common: A-list worthy skin by Christie Kidd, PA-C.

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Learn from the Best

Whether you are concerned with signs of aging, have acne-prone skin, or just want to optimize your skin care routine, Christie Kidd, PA-C can teach you the techniques that are just right for what you need. Here, Christie Kidd, PA-C lets you in on the same advice she shares with her in-office patients to help you perfect your routine and find the best Perfect Skin by Christie Kidd™ products for your skin.

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Whether you live in the Beverly Hills area or are halfway around the globe, do your skin a favor and make an appointment with Christie Kidd, PA-C to bring your best, fresh face forward. Christie can assess your skin and set up a customized skin care regime either in-person at her Beverly Hills office or virtually from the comfort of your very own home. From acne to anti-aging and from lasers to fillers, Christie Kidd, PA-C is passionate about educating and guiding you on how to bring out the very best in your beautiful skin.

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Press on to read about Christie Kidd, PA-C and Perfect Skin by Christie Kidd™ in the news. Articles featuring best-kept skin care secrets from those in the know and so much more. The savviest media outlets in the world have discovered the transformative powers of Christie Kidd, PA-C, and the Perfect Skin by Christie Kidd™ skin care line. So, what are you waiting for?

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Inside Perfect Skin

Discover everything you need to know about the Perfect Skin by Christie Kidd™skin care line. From the skin care pioneer herself to the science behind her transformative skin care products – get to know the brand and the passion that fuels it every single day.

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Knowledge is power – especially when it comes to properly caring for your skin. Let Christie Kidd, PA-C arm you with knowledge and empower you to take charge of your skin care routine. Forget the astronomically priced lotions and mass-produced potions. Let Christie Kidd, PA-C share her experience and time-tested secrets to get you glowing again.

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