The Perfect Skin by Christie Kidd™ skin care line takes the guesswork out of skin care regimens. Each product in the skin care line serves its own unique purpose, but they have all been carefully formulated with active ingredients that work in unison with each other. Whether you have sensitive skin, blemish-prone skin, or are hoping to slow the signs of aging, you can count on Perfect Skin by Christie Kidd™ to help you put your best fresh face forward.
Christie Kidd clean natural face cleanser for acne

A gentle, all natural face wash to deeply cleanse your skin. Reduces oil, bacteria, blemishes and redness without overdrying.

Natural oils and plant extracts gently remove oil and impurities to reveal fresh, dewy skin.

Melaleuca Tea Tree Oil · Lavender Oil · Olive Leaf Extract
Christie Kidd acne face pads

This power-packed pad will fight to keep your pores tight and keep blemishes away!

Non-irritating, exfoliating pads wipe away dead skin cells and blemish-causing bacteria.

Witch Hazel · Willow Bark Extract · Ginger Root Extract
Renewal Serum

This proprietary blend of ingredients is the perfect solution to glowing skin! It is used for anti-aging, blemish drying and scar reducing.

Hyaluronic acid and retinol work in synchronicity to firm skin and provide instant hydration and lasting results.

Vitamin C · Kojic Acid · Glycolic Acid
The Trio
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This set includes 1 Clean Natural Facial Cleanser, 2 jars of Fresh Pads and 1 Renewal Serum.

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The Duo
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When fighting blemishes, oil and enlarged pores, you never want to run out of Clean Natural Facial Cleanser and Fresh Pads. Keep your supply stocked with this subscription.

This set includes 1 Clean Natural Facial Cleanser and 2 jars of Fresh Pads.

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