The key to supermodel skin

Dermatologist who helped Kendall Jenner get rid of the 'bad acne' that 'ruined her self-esteem' as a teen reveals the model's skincare routine

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  • The 20-year-old supermodel opened up in October about the acne-ridden skin she had as a young teen
  • The woman who helped clear it up, Dr. Christie Kidd, has been sharing tips on Kendall and Kylie's apps
  • She said in a new video that using anything abrasive on the face - like a rotating brush, washcloth, or scrub - can make acne worse
  • Though Kylie, 18, said she never had bad skin, she also uses Dr. Kidd's products See the latest Kendall Jenner news at

It can be hard to wrap one's head around the fact that Kendall Jenner - she of the supermodel long legs, gorgeous face, and Estée Lauder beauty campaign - wasn't always such a flawless creature. But even the reality star admits it took a skilled dermatologist to get her where she is today.

Dr. Christie Kidd, who practices in Beverly Hills, now treats much of the Kardashian-Jenner family, helping them to look luminous even in their no-make-up selfies.

And Kendall, 20, wants to spread the love, sharing a video of some of the doctor's skincare tips on her app and website.

Christie Kidd PA-C

Her top advice: Kendall and Kylie Jenner's dermatologist, Dr. Christie Kidd, urged people not to use abrasive scrubs on their face in a new clip on Kendall's app

Kendall Jenner in a baseball cap

Keeping up with the whiteheads: Kendall struggled with acne as a young teen (pictured here in 2010), and the now-20-year-old said it ruined her self-esteem

Kendall Jenner after acne treatment

Gorgeous: Kendall has now taken her clear skin to beauty brand Estée Lauder, where she is a spokesmodel

Right off the bat, Dr. Kidd offers some surprising advice: Women with acne or frequent blemishes should stay away from exfoliating scrubs and rotating brushes - like the beloved ones by Clairsonic, Proactiv, or Olay - because they can make acne worse.

'I never want you washing your face with anything abrasive,' she says in the clip. 'Not a scrub, not a rotating brush, not a washcloth. You want to treat it very delicately and just wash with your hands. Wash really well with your hands.'

She explained to that washcloths aren't the way because they can be abrasive, too - and they can also spread bacteria unless you wash them after every use.

'I often find patients have bought and are using far to many products which makes their skin worse,' she added. 'Keeping it simple and effective is far better for acne.'

In the video, she adds: 'Then I want you to rinse really well, then pat [your skin] dry with a nice, soft towel.'

Dr. Kidd goes on to explain that Kendall then wipes her face down with an Acne Fresh pad, a product that she formulated herself to 'help put medicine onto the skin'.

And in order to ensure that Kendall's skin is totally protected from UV rays during the day, without feeling greasy or looking shiny, the dermatologist suggests that she use a lotion called EltaMD Clear, a sunblock that has acne medication in it.

Before she goes to bed at night, Dr. Kidd says Kendall uses a renewing serum, to help calm any inflammation and ensure that her skin is moisturized well.

In addition to her at-home skincare regime, Kendall also relies on Laser Genesis, a laser acne treatment which 'treats acne, acne scars and redness', while also ensuring that the model's complexion has a 'nice, dewy glow' to it.

Back in October, Kendall opened up on her blog about battling acne in her early teen years, starting in eighth or ninth grade.

'I had such bad acne when I was younger,' she wrote. 'It completely ruined my self-esteem. I wouldn’t even look at people when I talked to them. I felt like such an outcast; when I spoke, it was with my hand covering my face.'

Last week, Kylie, 18, reminded fans about her sister's struggles, adding that she herself was more lucky in the complexion department.

'I never have bad skin,' she said in an interview with skincare brand founder Mrs. Rodial. 'But my sister had really bad skin growing up. And the only thing that really helped her was to find a good dermatologist.'

But despite her assurances that only Kendall had pimple problems, Kylie has admitted in the past that she sees the 'amazing, life-changing dermatologist' too, and even favors her branded Clean Natural Face Cleanser.

'If you guys want to know what face products I use, my dermatologist Christie Kidd has her own line,' she said in a clip on her app in October. 'It’s Rodeo Drive Dermatology & Aesthetics, and it’s just bomb.

'This is the natural one — Clean Natural Face Cleanser — and it’s like water, coconut oil, tea tree oil, chamomile, orange oil, lavender and a bunch of other natural, nice things in this. I really like this one.'

She's also shared her own videos of the doctor doling out skincare advice, including one in December in which Dr. Kidd talked about how important it was to keep skincare routine minimal.

She recommended starting each day by washing one's face, patting it dry, applying sunscreen, and finishing off untinted moisturizer.

At night, she said to remove make-up first, wash with a deep cleanser, and pat dry once again. She also suggested adding a light serum, a nighttime moisturizer, an eye cream, and then a lip balm.