Kendall Jenner beauty secrets

Kendall Jenner on DIY Face Masks, Bronzed Makeup, and the Secret to Achieving Her Signature Pout

Originally posted on Vogue.


“I’m excited to show you guys my new routine,” Kendall Jenner says, smiling into the camera, a thick layer of green goo coating her complexion. She last recorded her Beauty Secrets in 2017, “when I was just a little baby, and my routine has completely changed since then.” Though the 25-year-old supermodel has access to many of the beauty industry’s latest and greatest, Jenner’s own routine begins with a DIY mask made up of a few pantry essentials: mashed-up avocado, oatmeal, superfood honey, and a droplet of organic lavender oil. Of course, she does reach for products too: there’s Purigenex collagen treatment, which she keeps refrigerated; a cleanser from dermatologist Christie Kidd; SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic serum; and Mario Badescu soothing green tea, cucumber, and aloe spritz. “I’ve come up with this regimen that really works for me,” she adds, noting that changing her diet—and importantly cutting out dairy and increasing her water intake—has made the largest impact.

In stark contrast to her sister Kylie, “I literally can do my makeup in 15 minutes or less…20 tops,” Jenner says, as she brushes Chanel Vitalumière foundation onto her skin. The majority of that time is devoted to her color cosmetics process: “I probably have one too many steps when it comes to bronzer,” she reveals, with a laugh. First comes a creamy stick drawn onto her cheekbones and the top of her forehead, followed by an equally creamy blush that is topped off with Marc Jacobs’s dewy highlighter—her desert island must-have; a sweep of Estée Lauder bronzing powder comes next. Rest assured: “No real rules here,” Jenner says of her fail-proof approach.

“I feel like I’m incomplete without a lip,” Jenner shares, explaining that just a few years ago, she was quick to dismiss the transformative power of a well-tended-to pout. Now, she swears by a “secret concoction”: two slightly overdrawn liners by Kevyn Aucoin and Armani, which she layers with a duo of lacquers from her Kylie Cosmetics collection. “I love, like, a good, bratty lip, so that’s why I love a gloss.” Plus, she adds, “I think also glosses make your lips look a little bigger than they actually are.” One final touch of powder later—“because I’m just bronze obsessed”—and she is done. “Thank you so much for watching my amateur makeup tutorial.”